A Message from the President of MCC - Ken Rasp

Dear Crusader Family - 

As I look back on a lifetime of either attending or working for Catholic schools, I remember most vividly my first day at La Salle High School in Cincinnati, OH. To be honest, I have no memory of actually attending class that day. It is the words of my Dad as we sat around the dinner table that night. After asking me the obligatory question about my day, he wanted to talk about what he was thinking about as he drove to work that morning. He realized that in my senior year -yes, 4 years away - he would have three kids in Catholic high school and two in Catholic grade school. He shared his anxiety level about how he and my mom would be able to afford that on his income. He then shared that he came to the realization that providing a Catholic education to his children was so valuable to him, that he would do anything to make it available to us.

My Dad's commitment and dedication to the importance of a Catholic education made a lasting impact on me, so much so that I am proud to inform you that my three children are graduates of Catholic schools. With two grown and married and one about to graduate from a Catholic university, I think that I can speak for my wife Kathy and say - “Thanks Dad. You were right." I now understand and can see the value that has been added to their lives because of the partnership of parent, parish and Catholic school.

Last week when Mr. Riegler called to inform me that I was chosen to serve as the next President of Muskegon Catholic Central, those values instilled through a powerful example by loving parents who sacrificed all to ensure that their five children would benefit from a Catholic education came flooding back to me. I am committed to ensuring that our grandchildren’s grandchildren can be as positively impacted by a Catholic school education as I was. Throughout the interview process, I saw and felt a similar commitment and dedication in all that I met – Board member, parent, faculty, and administrator. I am eager to partner with all in the MCC family to ensure that the long tradition of providing excellence in Catholic faith formation and academics continues for years to come.

The old adage that it takes a village is correct when looking at how we must move forward. In the days and weeks ahead, I want to learn as much about Muskegon Catholic Central as possible. As I step into the community and share the powerful message that is Muskegon Catholic Central, I want to speak with passion, integrity and honesty. I need your help to move what I know about MCC from my head to my heart. I invite, actually, I encourage you to reach out to meet me and share your MCC story with me. The process can begin this weekend. My wife Kathy and I will be attending the 33rd Annual Rainbow Auction. If you are in attendance, I am eager to meet and share with you. If I miss you this weekend, please feel free to reach out to me via email at krasp@muskegoncatholic.org.  Please help me become a Crusader.

I am energized by the tagline I see on everything – Faith.Moving.Forward. What an incredibly powerful statement conveying:

  • A collaboration of faith and education that propels students to the best they can be - in mind, body and spirit.
  • A sense of proactivity and intentionality on the part of all in creating a learning process that serves all students.
  • The insight that MCC is not about to stand still in anything that it does.
  • The fact that MCC exists to aid the Church in calling all to holiness and discipleship.

My wife and I have been praying that God share with us His plan for the next phase of our lives. In saying YES to this incredible opportunity, we trust and celebrate the fact the next phase will occur in Muskegon, so that I can serve the MCC family as its servant leader and President. We are excited about the opportunity and look forward to sharing who we are as individuals and as a family with each of you. As my daughter stated in her Facebook post the other day – look out, Muskegon, here comes the Rasps.

In the words of St. Francis:

May the Lord bless you and keep you
May He show his face to you
And have mercy on you
May He turn to you and give you peace.

May the Lord bless you, all in the MCC family.

Ken Rasp

Introducing the next President of MCC: Mr. Ken Rasp

​​On behalf of the MCC Board of Trustees, it is my pleasure to introduce the next President of Muskegon Catholic Central, Mr. Ken Rasp.

After conducting an extensive search for Rob Bridges' replacement, we could not be more excited to have Ken join our team!

An accomplished professional in Catholic Education, Ken has been Director of Owensboro Catholic Schools ("OCS"), a consolidated system of four Catholic schools in Owensboro, Kentucky since 2005. He has resigned his position there and he will officially begin at MCC on July 1, 2016. Ken and his wife, Kathy will be attending this year's Rainbow Auction on April 30.  Ken is a collaborative leader and will be looking for input from all of MCC's stakeholders as we embark on the next phase of MCC's storied history.

His list of professional achievements are extensive. During his tenure at OCS, Mr. Rasp was able to increase enrollment in a similar economic environment to the greater Muskegon area, using both traditional techniques as well as innovative methods for marketing and recruitment. He raised student achievement scores to consistently lead the area, automated OCS' student information and accounting system, led a capital campaign for facilities updates, was active in scholarship/grant assignment, developed and executed OCS' strategic plan, all while maintaining a Christ-centered Catholic culture.

Ken is active in several national Catholic education professional associations, committees, and conferences, and has led regional "best practice" conferences of Catholic school leaders. He has presented at numerous conferences and collaborative seminars, and is always looking for innovative ways to make Catholic education accessible and desirable for all. 

Prior to his time at OCS, Ken held several ascending positions in college and university admissions and recruitment, including Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at Kentucky Wesleyan College, and Dean of Undergraduate Enrollment Services at Immaculata University, among others.

Ken and his wife Kathy are active and contributing members of their community as well, including local commercial and service societies. Kathy will miss her job as executive assistant to the Bishop of Owensboro, Most Rev. William Francis Medley, and they are looking forward to forging new relationships in the greater Muskegon and Northern Ottawa County communities.

Ken and Kathy are recent "empty nesters", blessed with three grown children:  son Sam (22), daughter Erin (27) and her husband Jak, and son Ben (30) and wife Carrie, and one grandchild, Millie. As if that isn't enough, Ken is an Eagle Scout!

As always feel free to contact me or any other Trustees with any questions or concerns you may have on this process. More information about Ken will be forthcoming soon in this space, but in the meantime, please join me in welcoming Ken to the Muskegon Catholic family!

Yours in Christ,
Andy Riegler - President, MCC Board of Trustees.


Committee Update- 2/23/16

I wanted to take a moment and update you on the progress of our search for Mr. Bridges replacement. I thank you for your patience during this process. I mentioned to you a few weeks ago that you would have the opportunity to be a part of the process, and we are finally at that point.

As you may recall, a group of dedicated and talented alumni, trustees, parents, and supporters formed the Search Committee in November 2015. The committee performed outstanding work putting together a great plan for the search. As a result, they received and reviewed over twenty inquiries for the position from a wide array of geographical and professional backgrounds. The field was narrowed to four candidates who were selected by the committee as semifinalists for the position. The four candidates were initially interviewed by phone; a second and personal interview was scheduled here at MCC which included brief meetings with limited staff, a tour of the school campus and of Muskegon County, and lastly a two hour interview by the Board of Trustees.

Successfully, we have narrowed the search down to two finalists, and we are confident that either candidate would lead MCC into the next school year and beyond effectively.  Both candidates reside out of state and have extensive Catholic school experience that pairs well with their deep love in their faith. The two finalists will be returning to Muskegon in approximately three to four weeks for a final and comprehensive interview, and you will be made a critical part of that conversation.

Within the next several days, I will be providing you a detailed schedule of their visit, and I will share some brief biographical information about each of them for your review as well.

As I am sure you can understand, the confidentiality of this process has required that the interviews to date have remained discreet as much as possible. We have appreciated your understanding of this process. 

Thank you for your continued support of this process, and especially for blessing our beloved MCC with your talent and dedication. As always, feel free to reach out to me or to any Board of Trustee member if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,
Andy Riegler, President
MCC Board of Trustees

Committee Update- 12/10/15

Dear MCC Family and Friends,

The MCC Search Committee has been very active in the search for our next Head of School, and we’re excited to share our progress and plans!

As you may recall, we recently circulated an online survey to learn firsthand from all of you what you’d like to see at Muskegon Catholic Central, and from our next leader.

We truly appreciate your thoughtful responses. The feedback you provided will help us to select the most qualified candidates, ask the right questions, and provide the candidates with a clear idea of the type of leadership we are all looking for.

Here’s what’s been done so far based on your feedback:

  • The Board of Trustees has recently approved changing the Head of School title to President. 

Many people don’t fully understand the Head of School title, while the title of President is a better fit for the job description and the role this leader will play at MCC.

  • We’ve written a detailed role definition, job posting and interview questions. To view a copy of the role definition for the President position, please visit www.muskegoncatholic.org.

The survey added great insight for what type of person you’d like as our President, what you feel they should focus on, and what questions you would ask if you were in the interviews.

  • We are in the process of creating a report outlining the changes you’d like to see and the areas you’d like MCC as a whole to focus on during the coming years.

This report will be shared with the Board of Trustees and our new President.

What else has been done besides the survey?

  • The Search Committee has been meeting several times a month since October to develop and execute a detailed plan of action.
  • After reviewing proposals from three national search firms the Committee unanimously decided to move forward to fill the President position through our own efforts.

The job posting has been listed for several weeks in multiple outlets throughout Michigan and the US.

We are actively searching to gather leads on qualified candidates and gather resume submissions.

The goal of the Committee is to have a new President hired by April 1st, with a start date of July 1st

What is next?

  • The Search Committee is meeting to review the list of candidates who have applied to date.
  • Interviews with qualified candidates will begin in January.

If enough qualified candidates do not apply by the end of December the Committee is ready to enlist the services of a national search firm beginning January 1st. The national firm that has been selected is Catholic School Management, a leading search firm for Catholic Schools in the US.

  • There will be a focus group meeting scheduled after the first of the year to further discuss topics conveyed in the survey.

On behalf of Search Committee, and the MCC Board of Trustees, thank you for everything you’ve done for MCC and for your interest in this wonderful opportunity to shape MCC’s future!

We wish you a joyous Christmas holiday season!

Members of the MCC Search Committee


Committee Update- 11/4/15


The search committee has begun the exciting work of selecting our new Head of School.  The current expected hire date for the new Head of School is March 1, 2016 (subject to change) Here is a list of the members of the committee:  

  • Tom Schultz - Chair - Past board president, Alumnus
  • Becky Billinghurst - Trustee, Alumnus
  • Chris Cassleman - Past board member, Past finance chair
  • Bob DeLong - Trustee, Retired public school administrator, Past board president, Alumnus
  • Tom DeVoursney - Past board president, Alumnus
  • Andy Harris - Trustee, Alumnus
  • Don Kalisz - Trustee
  • Dave Sipka - Retired Catholic Educational Administrator, Consultant
  • Wendy Sipka - Educator, Alumnus, Consultant

Also, we have established an email address for the search committee- searchcommittee@muskegoncatholic.org.  Please feel free to use this email address for any questions regarding the search.

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