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Box Tops for Education

EARN rewards in the Crusader Cash program by submitting clipped and bonus Box Tops which can be found on items you purchase every day. 

3 Boxtop files are posted to the right margin of this webpage

  1. Read the Boxtop Guidelines posted to the right side of this page. The Boxtop Chair can only accept Box Tops that have been submitted according to these guidelines.
  2. Prior to dropping off any boxtops you must submit a Boxtop Submission Form found to the right side of this page
  3. Boxtop Collection sheet is to be used for clipped boxtops. Instructions for submitting bonus boxtops can be found on the collection sheet.  

WIN Rewards 

You have chances to WIN rewards by submitting collection sheets. 

Each Oct. and Feb. the top 6 families WIN rewards.  

Each June, the Year End Boxtop Winner WINS $50 by submitting the most boxtops June though May 31.

To find out more about the Box Tops for Education program, and to learn about new products that are eligible, visit

Box Top Requirements

When you're taping box tops to a collection sheet, please keep in mind that the product acronym and expiration date must be intact and visible. If box tops are overlapped so the acronym and expiration date are covered by another box top, your collection sheet will be returned.


Please observe the following deadlines and verify that expiration dates fall within these guidelines before submitting.

October 12, 2018Submit any that expire before Nov. 1, 2018
February 15, 2019Submit any that expire before March 1, 2019
May 10, 2019Submit any that expire before June 1, 2019 or before Oct. 2019