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Volunteer Opportunities

"Approved" Crusader Cash Volunteer Opportunities are those that benefit the school as a whole. Many approved volunteer opportunities are listed below. If you have any doubts about volunteer time being approved, please email the Crusader Cash Committee.

To WIN Rewards you must be an "active" Crusader Cash Family by submitting "online" a minimum of 10 hours of approved Crusader Cash volunteer opportunities and also Earn Rewards in any of the Earn Reward Programs. Active families will have all Rewards won through the year applied to your Crusader Cash Student Account.   

Get your family & friends to volunteer for you too!  Be sure to add them to your online volunteer time sheets and note the Supervisor, date and help provided.  

All volunteer time sheets submitted are reviewed prior to drawings and then names are entered to WIN Rewards.

Fall: September 1 - December 31

Athletic Dept. & Building and Grounds Dept. need help with the start of Fall Sports 

  • selling & taking tickets at games
  • helping with football field maintenance 
  • helping with grounds, planting flowers and yard care

Dream Garden needs Fall maintenance contact Supervisor. To volunteer email Jane Stoepker.

Race for Education is held in October this event is sponsored by the Elementary Home & School 

Winter/Spring: January 1 - May 31

  • Fish Fry
  • Rainbow Auction
  • Spring Musical 
  • Spring clean up in the Dream Garden

Summer: June 1 - August 31

To be eligible to WIN Crusader Cash rewards don’t forget to fill out your volunteer timesheet before August 31st!


Come on out and show your CRUSADER PRIDE by marching in parades! 

Northside Family Fun Fest 
Roosevelt Park Day Parade
Please e-mail Melanie Lyonnais for more information.

Grounds need to be cleaned up, grasses need to be divided and new plants planted.

Fall-Mulch has to be spread by the bucket before school 7-12 Art Teacher Jane Stoepker by email or by phone at 231.755.2201 x352

Crusader Open held the first part of August. contact Melanie Lyonnais

Help teachers with classroom updates & painting

Work any MCC supported parking lot / fundraiser

Year Round Volunteer Opportunities

Athletic Department (Contact Athletic Director Jason Stariha to volunteer)

  • Ticket Sales
  • Concession Stands
  • Maintenance as needed
  • Member of the Green & Gold Club

Arts Department 

  •  Help maintain the Dream Garden Spring, Summer & Fall (contact Jane Stoepker)
  •  Spring Musical         

Crusader Cash (Contact Crusader Cash Committee to volunteer)

  • Counting BoxTop

Eucharistic Adoration (contact Matt Koczur, Campus Minister ) 

  •  spend an hour any Friday between 8:30-2:30           


  •  help clean and maintain elementary & high school libraries
  •  read to the Elementary students            

Maintenance Department (Contact Maintenance Director Greg Wehler to volunteer)

  • Clean up outside grounds and sports fields
  • Help plant flowers in various places on campus

Join an MCC Group, Club or Organization and note on your time sheet your involvement

  • Green & Gold Club
  • Home & School Parent Organization
  • Board of Trustees