Lakeshore Coupon Book

Lakeshore Coupon Books

Earn $12.50 for every $25 book you sell. 

  • There is no minimum amount of books to sell to Earn rewards. But you must sell the books to order to have a chance to WIN Rewards.
  • each book contain $5,000+ worth of coupons from local and national merchants. Coupons expire Dec. 2019

3 chances to WIN Rewards for selling a minimum of 5 books

  • Families selling   5 books have a chance to WIN $10 - 5 names will be drawn
  • Families selling 10 books have a chance to WIN $20 - 5 names will be drawn
  • Family selling the most books WINS $50

For more details click on the order form to the right

To view the coupons in the book click on the sample coupon book link to the right

1 FREE Book for every 5 books you sell

Sellers, that turn in their money by the deadline date, will receive 1 free book for every 5 sold. You can keep book(s) or sell them and EARN $25 for your student account. Simply return money earned from selling FREE books to the Crusader Cash Committee by Christmas break 2017