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EARN Rewards with Upromise

 Earning Rewards

  • Join for free at Upromise.com 
  • Earn rewards when you, family or friends buy products from participating retailers. Simply, link their cards to your upromise account.
  • Earn rewards with online purchases by starting from their link on the Upromise site.
  • Link any debit or credit card to your Upromise account. You can even link multiple cards.
  • Earn rewards on ALL purchases from their website or any where you use the Upromise Mastercard.
  • Upromise earnings range from 1%-15%

Receiving Rewards

  • Go online to request cash rewards (minimum $10)
  • Allow approximately 10 business days to receive your rewards check
  • 100% of any Upromise check you turn in will be applied to your Crusader Cash account and makes you eligible to WIN more rewards

More Information go to the upromise.com webpage